Pod Nation – How Cleaning Clothes is Changing

Happi, a household and personal products industry magazine featured an article entitled, Pod Nation: Laundry Detergent Sales Remain Steady, But Where Consumers Are Spending Their Money And How They're Cleaning Clothes is Changing, in the January 2016 issue.

Written by Associate Editor, Christine Esposito, the article points to data showing where the different types of laundry detergents stand when it comes to sales:

...In liquids, the largest category, sales were esentially flat at $5.1 billion, while packets/bars... posted a 19.92% gain to $957.1 million. And as has been the trend for years, powder sales continued to decline, falling 10.41% to $778.3 million...

The article mentions Wash'n Go products under the header, A Newcomer in Unit Dose:

...Competitors are quick to note that there are plenty of consumers who use mid-tier and value products come laundry day. In fact, there's a new player coming onto the laundry scene that hopes to break into the fast growing unit does sector by offering a more affordable option.

Detergent 2.0 is rolling out new Wash'n Go Singles, which offers "consumers a compelling value" while giving "retailers a gross margin they can live with," according to Frederick J. Horowitz, CEO of the New Brunswick, NJ-based company.

Horowitz played a key role at USA Detergents, which rolled out Xtra detergent back when the laundry category was transitioning from powders to liquids.

"At that time, there was no opening price point in liquid, and Xtra filled that role in the market. Today, as the market begins another epic transition from liquid to much more sustainable and efficient unit dose technology, there's an opportunity," he told Happi.

According to Horowitz, Detergent 2.0's team is leveraging past experience and lessons learned from growing Xtra from nothing into a $300 million brand.

In addition, Detergent 2.0 has the benefit of entering as a unit dose brand.

"We don't have a legacy to protect," said Horowitz. "We're coming back to what made Xtra as a brand - a combination of great products and great margins for the retailer."

Not to mention a great price for consumers; a package of Wash'n Go Singles, containing 45 doses, will be $4.99.

"Consumers want unit does, but they don't want to get ripped off. We are giving the best unit dose product at that price point, without dumbing down the product," Horowitz said.

In addition, Detergent 2.0 will concentrate its efforts on reaching the right customers and stocking products at the right retailers - another lesson learned from his days at USA Detergent. "The Tide consumer next bout Xtra," he said.

You can read the full article here.



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