Q. What is a Wash'n Go™ Single?

A. Wash'n Go™ Singles detergent are pre-measured packs that make doing laundry easy. All the cleaning performance is one powerful pack!


Q. How do Wash'n Go™ Singles work?

A. Each Wash'n Go™ Single contains 7X concentrated detergent to remove stains and provide a deep clean.


Q. Can I use Wash'n Go™ Singles in my HE washing machine?

A. Wash'n Go™ Singles are safe for all washing machines and formulated for all high efficiency (HE) washers.


Q. How do I use Wash'n Go™ Singles?

A. Handle Wash'n Go™ Singles with dry hands. Put a Wash'n Go™ Single directly into the washer drum before adding clothing.


Q. How should I store Wash'n Go™ Singles?

A. Wash'n Go™ Singles should always be stored safely. Keep all laundry products out of reach of children and pets. Keep Wash'n Go™ Singles in their re-sealable package.


Q. What makes Wash'n Go™ Singles different from other detergents?

A. Wash'n Go™ Singles contain a patented* formula that is 7X more concentrated then regular laundry detergent. *U.S. Patent Numbers 6,037,319.


Q. Can I use Wash'n Go™ in all types of laundry?

A. Wash'n Go™ Singles can be used on all clothing that are labeled machine-washable.