About Us

Daniel Kramer

25 years ago, my business partner Fred launched a brand called Xtra detergent. It quickly became the fourth largest laundry brand by use in the market. It was successful because it offered what at the time was a great product at a great price.


At Wash 'n Go singles, we echo this mission, and now offer the best quality and pricing for single dose laundry packs. Single dose pack technology, combined with our patented detergent formula, makes doing laundry more simple and easier than ever before, so you can just wash and go live your life!!!


We focus on value and efficacy and ignore anything that distracts from the best product for less. That’s why you won’t find ten fragrance choices or multiple packs sizes. Rather than have some advertising agency tell you how great we are we’d rather you find out for yourself.


In choosing Wash 'n Go singles, you're making the smart choice of using a product designed to clean your clothes at the lowest cost and with the least effort. What more do you need to know?


Looking forward to keeping the world clean and saving you real money!